Film/TV Production Stunt Car Driving and Building in the Atlanta Area

With the Atlanta area becoming a hotspot for movie production, your film, TV, or commercial production company will be glad to know they have access to an Atlanta-based professional stunt car driver with decades of behind the wheel, pedal to the metal racing experience.  Plus, Borhman Motorwerkes can custom build stunt cars for use in film, TV, or commercial production to the exacting safety standards required by industry unions and associations.  So don’t settle for mediocre stunt scenes when you can have a real Trans-Am Series racecar driver or professionally outfitted stunt cars in your next production.


Stunt Car Driving

Our very own John Borhman is the Atlanta-based Professional Stunt Car Driver you’ve been looking for.  John Borhman has decades of experience behind the wheels of all kinds of super cars and racing cars, safely pushing them to the limits of their performance.  John’s extreme driving skills and Trans Am Series racing experience would make the unique and exciting addition to your next TV, film, or commercial production you’ve been searching for.


Stunt Car Building

We custom-build stunt cars to meet the “wow factor” needs and safety regulations required by the TV and movie industries.  Our stunt cars look great from every angle, they can really put the power down, and are always professionally outfitted with racing-grade roll cages, seat harnesses, and various other safety gear.  We can also integrate custom on-board camera attachments wherever you need them to ensure your production will capture the perfect shots.

Contact Us for Your Atlanta Area Stunt Car Driving & Building Needs

Get in touch with us to connect with John Borhman and see if his Professional Stunt Driving Skills are the right fit for your Atlanta area movie or TV production, or inquire about our Stunt Car Building services.